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justa bunch of collabs ive done with great artist from around the globe


released 25 December 2011



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


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~ Ǥ õ § ƪ õ ŵ ~ Denver, Colorado

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Track Name: #WatEvrHappens
wat evr happens happens
i take my stride , wat evr happens 2night
i can't tell wher wer goin , i don't care
block out my worries & my fears
throw away emotions , wipe away tears
goin thru the motions , I'm coming so near

this was all i wrote , , the rest was off the dome

© M∆YSIN ∆NTHONY 2012 ©
Track Name: AirMan
Im an AirMan , soaring higher than
wen i take off , open my wing span
im in the air man , as if
just imagine im aladin

wen i close my eyes, i loose my sight
its a whole new world, magic carpet ride
jazmin by my side , we fallin thru the sky
better hold on tight, loose yr fright

CUZ Im an AirMan , soaring higher than
wen i take off , open my wing span
im in the air man , as if
just imagine im aladin

the crazy thing about it , evrything is crazy
& it seems like latly , evrything is changing
im not debating , im just saying
u need 2 change yr station, or just actually listen

chorus X 3

just imagine the pain im in
as real as it gets, i do not pretend
certified pot head, till the very end
im an AirMan
" expression " it comes from within
im as from as ive evr been
im as yung as ill evr get
but all this weed makes me forget :..(

Track Name: Produced by Beach Star - Lime Sirens
imma pop star , i moon walk on mars
BeachStar ! da new dude Go Hard
my new connect, I'm driven foreign cars
to sunset , gotta catch !
my final wave
evrytime i say i'll quit , I Hang Ten (10)
Kush Loud ! like sirens
hit u like a tidal wave , from miles away
here comes high tide , I'm on cloud 9
seein fireworks in my mind
i sea these sights wit blurred vision eyes
i slur my works , speak still sweet
blue blue heart , can u feel me beat ?
hold on 2 yr seat , magic carpet ride
moon light , she tight , we fly
wat feels so wrong , feels so right
runnin out of time , goin thru da motions
slowly till i find , stayin up all night , smokin
eyes opened wide , Red Red Wine
in a modern beat style

© Maysin Anthony
Track Name: Wish List
Ill make yr wish list come true
yo kiss is on my list to-do

looking out my window
as she rolls up
it might b 2 soon
so i had 2 try my luck
casting out my wishes
2 the stars above
i had 2 let her kno
cuz enough is enough
an its home sweet home
4 x~mas ba rum bum bum ba
let it snow let it snow , b cuz

its the time a year again
can't stop the world from spinin
been waiting oh so long
i can't hold on
wer should i begin?
just open up yr gifs
this is wat i present
an offer u can't resist

erryday is x~mas
erryday i miss you
we wer like glue
never could come undo
now we r threw, still i wish
all yr dreams come true
an that u never ever lose
sight of the glowing moon
cuz that night
i meant errythang 2 u
and u meant errythang 2 me
sent me all yr givings
now its hard 2 believe
all that we've been thru
i never ever knew
some1 as cool as u
make a wish it might come true
sky is the limit there aint nuthin we can't do !

so another year over
an another 1 just begun
we so much older, still we stay young
@ heart , nuthin can tair us apart
i was ther from da start
and wen we reach da end, , ,
we can just start all over again =)

© Maysin Anthony
Track Name: ST▲Y
" nothings new, I'm off the wall, just missing u "

i gotta ST▲Y strong , i gotta make it thru .
i can't ST▲Y long , lets take off .
yea lets lift off , 2 different altitudes !
surfs up , its fucking gnarly dude !
and yea we gone party dude
cuz i can't get enough . . . of u . .

ST▲Y , please don't fade away .
ST▲Y HIGH , i gotta ST▲Y awake .
i gotta sea the day , wen errythang seems okay .
im in this Holidaze , so lets celebrate !

who knew ? it seemed so far away . .
i want u . . 2 kno . . I'm so sorry . .

change yr latitude , positive attitude
its a new view , from a new point of view . .
4get wat yr use 2 , its time 2 get used 2 :
New Life , Blue Skys , Changes All the Time =)
makin moves , only choose , wats right .
i take my time
wat feels so wrong / feels so right
i get so high . i touch the sky
up here alone . wer is my mind ? ? ?

© Maysin Anthony
Track Name: ☯ B u đ đ ħ a ☯ - B.M.W. Cruise 2 Miami
Can i drive u home ?
Can we drive 2 da Moon ?
Can we take things slow ?
or can we make these dreams come true ?
i've been waitin so long . .
lets make this happen soon
i like 2 carry on
yea we can make it tru :)
2 infinite & beyond
from Miami 2 Cancun
take u on a cruise
Straight 2 Hanalu

and since its all my fault, how can i make it up 2 u ?
: sunset views, money out da roof, Jacuzzi & Balloons

im gunna take u home, 2 bone
redwood kush joints rolled, lets fuckin smoke !
i invision walkin thru da forest witchu
i feel a comet hit this bong, i wanna make <3 2 u
lemme take ya down baybay,
i wanna make ya feel crazy.

oh so amazing, this haze got me lazy,
thinkin bout u , in-tuned wit my inner views
so soon , , far away , , then its gone
im so far gone, come & save me ;)

maybe this is something we shouldnt do?
but wen u come swimming into view
these feelings r brand new
now that ive set the moon, Lets Get Loose !

so loose, come give me a smuch
skuch skuch come closer girl,
move move, dont choose. . lets improve
lets try sumthin new, just me & u
in da B.M.W. moon roof, sippin juice
im hittin cruise, im on da Loop,
wat should I do? im so far gone.
now that im with out u :..(

© Maysin Anthony & Brent Gutierrez
Track Name: Dolphin Dood - Sitting on da World (prod. Rosko Taint)
i got nothing 2 do so my mind starts 2 drift
got nothing 2 lose, i think I'm loosing grip
nothings new, wer the hell have u been?
please don't choose, could u might just regret
just chillin n my spot, don't b mad u had yo shot
i feel so used, like thts "all that I've got"
n ill b fine, pretending I'm not
i had somethin 2 do , i smoked pot so i 4got ;)

© Maysin Anthony & Dolphin Dood
Track Name: ÅÜßRÊÿ - ƉysϮopiɅ (Feat. ∆STR∆Y∆) - ƉysϮopiɅ
imma body this mutha fucka, and im off that kush

so yea its just a kiss, and it doesn't matter anyway.
were together now so shits got to change.
am i the one to blame? imma sit back and smoke this dank. straight to my brain,
smoke weed erryday, high as fuck, doesn't matter wat i say.
imma do me, u should do the same, r we on the same page? then flip the page.
then kiss my chain, then kiss my neck, i freeze the game, then blow on it.
i blow a stack, i blow on kush, cant relax, wish i could,
i'm turn't up to the max, cant see straight, i'm on these bars and im on this lean.
bitch cant u see, its easy to hurt wen u cant feel no pain.

tonight, wen i look into yr eyes all i see is shining skys.

okay im going in, me vs. the world and imma win.
don't count me out, unless u count my sins.
i free myself now i blow like the wind, my spirt lives!
i set some trends, flow like an engine ever ends.
chiefing all weekend, like an indian.
fuck being rich, shouts to my fans who ACTUALLY LISTEN!

this round two, shoots on me, money out the roof, moon light scene.
sippin on juice, sitting so clean, diamonds on and they glistening.
fuck gucci and fuck louie v, that shits so 2003.
fuck wit my swag, shits so sweet i go raw rawer then meat.
i walk around the mall wearing shit u never seen, who would have thought, i straight rep weed.
weed raised me, i cant help my instincts, they are so street.
but thats not how i dream cuz im vip.
mvp of the Caribbean sea, sippin on mix drinks makes me lean, smokeing nothing but irene.
just myself and me, SWIM TO FIND ME.
cuz i never stop, yea i never breath, i do wat i please, cuz imma king.
fuck yo world this is my reality.

excuse me if I may, excuse me if I say.
anything that I don't mean, but u and me, WE CAN BE FREE

© Maysin Anthony
Track Name: ther r times 2 G o $ l o w

There is a time for love and laughter
the days will pass like summer storms
the winter winds will follow after
but there is love and love is warm

There is a time for us to wander
when time is young and so are we
the woods are greener over yonder
the path is new the world is green

There is a time when leaves are falling
the woods are grey the paths are old
the snow will come when geese are calling
you need a fire against the cold

So when you're roaming in the springtime
and you find your love in the summer sun
the frost will come and bring the harvest
and you can sleep when day is done